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X-Rite / Adobe Special Offer

Perfect colour starts with a ColorChecker For a limited time only, get a 50% discount for Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan
when purchasing any ColorChecker photo product

How frustrating is it spending the day shooting, finally getting that perfect shot, to then come to edit and discover a whole range of under/overexposed or bleached out images? It doesn’t just waste your time and money, there’s a good chance that the opportunity you had won’t be coming around again anytime soon.

Our range of ColorChecker photo charts ensure that your exposure is perfectly captured at the very start of your shoot and enable your colours to be completely accurate to every given scene, so that the colour you see is the colour you’ll get.

We’ve partnered with Adobe to give you a 50% discount to their powerful photo editing tools, ensuring a colour workflow that you can count on. It’s the perfect partnership for anybody serious about creating stunning, colour-accurate images. The Adobe licences that we distribute do not expire, so whether you’re new to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, or an existing customer, this discount offer will save you a lot of money!

But hurry, this is a limited-time offer only.

Which solution is right for me?

The 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan includes Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, 20 GB of cloud storage and more. You can even use your subscription code whenever you want, so if you’ve just subscribed to a year of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, you’ll still be able to take advantage of this offer when you come to renew again!

Promotional Period – Also see our Terms

10th February – 30th April 2020
Customers must request their unique code before 31st May 2020
This offer is only available in Europe, Middle East and Africa

How to purchase qualifying products

Qualifying products are sold through our resellers across Europe or direct from our website below.

ColorChecker Classic XL
ColorChecker Classic XL With Sleeve
ColorChecker Classic XL With Case
ColorChecker Passport Photo 2
ColorChecker Classic
ColorChecker Nano
ColorChecker Mini
ColorChecker Gray Balance
ColorChecker 3 Step Grayscale
ColorChecker White Balance
ColorChecker Digital SG

I’ve already purchased my qualifying X-Rite ColorChecker product; how do I now purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan at a discounted price?

Simply fill out the registration form on this page, and once validated, our sales team will send you instructions on how to purchase your 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan membership along with your unique discount code, which should be used at the Checkout page to activate the 50% discount.

Your discount code request must be submitted by the 31/5/2020.

How do I activate my Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan?

Once you have purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan from us at a 50% discount, our customer care team will send you a unique Adobe Partner code and instructions on how to activate the licence. Please ensure that you follow the steps carefully, as we cannot distribute more than one Adobe Partner code per purchase.

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