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X-Rite EasyTrax Large Format Density (40'')

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EasyTrax is a semi-automated colour scanning system for producing accurate 2, 4, 6 or 8 multiple colour jobs.

Available in multiple press sizes from 20” to 40”, EasyTrax comes on a measurement board for easy installation and can be adapted to other after-market consoles. EasyTrax includes a black backing so you can achieve or maintain ISO certification, and the characterization data sets for G7, PSO or Japan Colour process control are available to support your efforts to achieve ISO standards.

EasyTrax has the ability to take a scan measurement or spot measurement anywhere on the sheet making EasyTrax the perfect solution for press-side colour control for smaller format colour presses or for primarily process colour environments.

EasyTrax Density

Entry solution for semi-automated control of primary process colours. Density data is displayed against set targets to easily determine ink zone changes needed.

X-Rite EasyTrax Large Format Density (40'')

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