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X-Rite 508 Portable Colour Reflection Spectrodensitometer

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Offering an affordable solution for monitoring 4-colour printing, X-Rite’s 508 Spectrodensitometer accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument. Ideal for basic commercial, packaging and newspaper printing operations, the 508 is suitable for measuring GATF proofing bars, Quark Xpress colour bars, Ugra/Fogra colour control elements and other targets used during the pre-press process. Less than eight inches long and weighing little over a kilo, the 508 can go wherever it’s needed on the pressroom floor

The X-Rite 508 also features specialised 4-color newsprint functions, ensuring colour accuracy and consistency across press runs and over time. Simply measure a three-color grey bar, masthead, banner, weather map or other colour element – the 508 instantly informs you if any of the colours need adjusting.Features:
  • Keep proofing and press runs consistent by impartially evaluating print quality
  • Critical density and dot area evaluation of ink levels and ink-water balance on press
  • Document density data to quantify press approvals and ensure multi-part jobs or customer reprints are up to colour
  • Set references for dot gain and density to ensure customer and internal colour requirements are met
  • Select a measurement aperture size – Microspot (1.6 x 3.2mm), small (2mm), medium (3.4mm) or large (6mm)
  • Large interactive display configurable for left or right-handed operation
  • Intuitive keypad uses up/down arrow keys to easily navigate menu items in multiple languages
  • Rugged construction – easily absorbs inevitable bumps of everyday use
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Calibration Reference
  • Getting Started Guide with training video
  • CD Operator’s Manual
  • AC Adapter
  • Carrying Cas

X-Rite 508 Portable Colour Reflection Spectrodensitometer

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