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X-Rite iCPlate II Basic to iCPlate2 X upgrade

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The X-Rite iCPlate 2 X boasts all the functionality of the iCPlate II Basic together with professional levels of plate reading accuracy in compliance with the FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB) and offers high camera resolution, automatic calibration and dot measurement accuracy.

The X-Rite iCPlate 2 X is ideal for users who occasionally troubleshoot their plates and it also helps to diagnose problems and measures Dot area.

The X-Rite iCPlate2 X offers a superior, built-in object recognition algorithm which eliminates dust and scratches as it reads your plates. The high resolution camera system measures a wide variety of plate types both positive and negative, including AM, FM and hybrid screens.
  • Primary function - Simple plate measurement checks
  • Accuracy - Generic mode to accurately read all supported plated types
  • Repeatability - High repeatability
  • Standard plate support - Supports most popular plate types
  • Process-less plate support - Supports high contrast process-less plates such as AGFA Azura and Fuji Pro T low latency plates
  • Ease of use - Easy to position with a highly visible target
  • Connectivity - Serial connection
  • Software - Includes Capture Tool
By upgrading to X-Rite iCPlate 2 X you can take advantage of numerous additional functions and features, including:
  • Dot area percentage measurement
  • Visual analysis specification
  • Measurement samples include standard offset and process-less, polyester, positive and negative plates
  • AM, FM and Hybrid screening
    • Dot area %
    • Visual analysis
    Measurement samples:
    • Standard offset plates
    • Process-less plates (e.g AGFA, Azura)
    • Process-less low density plates
    • Polyester plates
    • Positive and negative plates
    • AM, FM & Hybrid screening
    User interface:
    • Graphical display – 160 x 80 pixels, 4-step gray
    • Multilingual
    • Icon based
    • Left – Right hand aperture
    Power supply:
    • Power source – 2 batteries, 1.5 volt (size AA rechargeable)
    • Battery life – 30,000 (typ.)
    Data interface:
    • Interface – Serial (115’200 baud)
    Measurement technology:
    • Ring illumination
    • Illumination colours – R
    • Screen ruling range (AM) – 26 – 147 l/cm. 65 – 380 lpi
    • Dot size range (FM) – 10um – 50um
    • Repeatability - + 0.5% (typ.)
    • measurement time – 3 sec (typ.)
    Mechanical data:
    • Dimensions (H x W x L) – 4.8 x 7.3 x 14.5cm. 1.9 x 2.9 x 5.7”
    • Weight – 400g/14oz

X-Rite iCPlate II Basic to iCPlate2 X upgrade

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