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X-Rite iCPlate II Basic to iCPlate2 XT upgrade

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The X-Rite iCPlate II Basic can be upgraded to the iCPlate2 XT which offers additional professional functionality, through a simple key code.

The X-Rite iCPlate 2 XT boasts all the functionality of the iCPlate II Basic together with professional levels of plate reading accuracy and a number of features, in compliance with the FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB) and offers high camera resolution, automatic calibration and dot measurement accuracy.

The X-Rite iCPlate 2 XT is ideal for users who need to troubleshoot their plates and it also helps to diagnose problems and measures Dot area.

The X-Rite iCPlate2 XT offers a superior, built-in object recognition algorithm which eliminates dust and scratches as it reads your plates. The high resolution camera system measures a wide variety of plate types both positive and negative, including AM, FM and hybrid screens.
  • Primary function - Simple plate measurement checks
  • Accuracy - Generic mode to accurately read all supported plated types
  • Repeatability - High repeatability
  • Standard plate support - Supports most popular plate types
  • Process-less plate support - Supports high contrast process-less plates such as AGFA Azura and Fuji Pro T low latency plates
  • Ease of use - Easy to position with a highly visible target
  • Connectivity - Serial connection
  • Software - Includes Capture Tool
By upgrading to X-Rite iCPlate 2 XT you can take advantage of numerous additional functions and features, including:
  • Dot area percentage and size (diameter) measurement
  • Screen ruling and angle
  • Visual coverage (X – 0.22 D)
  • Visual specification and plate characteristic analysis
  • Measurement samples include standard offset and process-less, polyester, positive, paper, film and negative plates
  • AM, FM and Hybrid screening
  • Measurement storage – 100
    • Dot area %
    • Dot size (dot diameter)
    • Screen ruling lines
    • Screen angle
    • Visual coverage
    • Plate characteristic
    • Measurement storage
    • Visual analysis
    Measurement samples:
    • Standard offset plates
    • Process-less plates (e.g AGFA, Azura)
    • Process-less low density plates
    • Polyester plates
    • Paper
    • Film Positive and negative plates
    • AM, FM & Hybrid screening
    User interface:
    • Graphical display – 140 x 160 pixels, 24-bit colour display
    • Multilingual
    • Icon based
    • Left – Right hand aperture
    Power supply:
    • Power source – 2 batteries, 1.5 volt (size AA rechargeable)
    • Battery life – 30,000 (typ.)
    Data interface:
    • Interface – Serial (115’200 baud)
    Measurement technology: Ring illumination
  • Illumination colours – R, G, B
  • Screen ruling range (AM) – 26 – 147 l/cm. 65 – 380 lpi
  • Dot size range (FM) – 10um – 50um
  • Repeatability - + 0.5% (typ.)
  • measurement time – 3 sec (typ.)
Mechanical data:
  • Dimensions (H x W x L) – 4.8 x 7.3 x 14.5cm. 1.9 x 2.9 x 5.7”
  • Weight – 400g/14oz

X-Rite iCPlate II Basic to iCPlate2 XT upgrade

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